How Schools can Leverage School Apps to Enhance Student Learning Experience

School apps are beneficial not only for managing the various tasks of administration but also for schools to fulfill their goals and aspirations. One of these goals is to provide a better learning experience for students to improve their overall experience. There are many ways schools can leverage school apps to enhance the student learning experience; below are some of these.

Enhance Student Learning Experience

Attendance Tracking

Be it the scores of weekly tests or daily remarks from the class teacher; daily performance analysis is essential for improving students' performance. With the help of school apps, these numbers and comments can be shared with the parents in no time. Parents can go through the reports and take the necessary steps to help their ward perform better.

Communication with Parents

To provide a better learning experience to students, teachers need to communicate with the parents, as and when required. School apps allow parents and teachers to converse with each other seamlessly. They can either chat with the help of emails, or the in-built messaging feature for faster communication. Parents can also share the challenges their child is facing in different areas. This way, it becomes easier for schools to enhance student learning experience.

Timetable and Syllabus

At times, the timetable and syllabus of a particular class needs to be changed. It becomes difficult for students, especially the younger ones, to maintain the same on their notebooks. With the help of school mobile apps, teachers can share updated documents with parents and students. These records can be either saved on their smartphones or printed as per their convenience.

Entab Student Learning Experience

Exam and Result Management

Be it sharing the schedule of exams, or seating arrangement for a particular date; the examination process takes a lot of time to be managed. With school apps, teachers can do the same without facing any difficulty. Parents and students can access all the information through the app and stay updated with all the notifications. Moreover, teachers can share the results via the app that can be viewed by parents and students, regardless of their location.

Entab Student Learning Experience

Homework, Project, Assignment Submission

Like timetables and syllabi, students may miss out on noting down the homework and contents of a project or assignment. This problem can be resolved with the help of a school mobile app. Teachers can quickly share these documents with the help of school apps. It only takes a few minutes to share all the content with parents and students.

Reminders and Notifications

With school apps, teachers can share reminders and notifications for the last date of homework and project submission. This way, students do not miss out on deadlines and share the assignments on time. When students share dailyhomework and projects on time, they perform academically well.


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