School Management Software Price

School management software has become essential for every school these days. The software lets you perform all the mundane tasks of administration on a single platform, leaving no room for errors. School management software automates the operations of school management and streamlines all the processes. Entab has been known for empowering schools with its artificially intelligent school management software in the country for the last 21 years. The software comes in different versions with a varied set of features, hence the difference in the school management software price. Here is how you can choose a school ERP for your institute and the things you need to consider.

School Management Software Price

School Management Software Price: Things to Consider

When it comes to school management software price, it depends on various factors. Below are the pointers you need to consider while choosing a school management software for your school.

CampusCare®: As the school strength increases, the need for automation rises as well. Understanding the challenges faced by the schools across the country, we have created CampusCare® ERP, one of the most preferred school management software in India. The software comes with outstanding and the most useful features such as bus tracking and GPS, viewing progress report, exam related information, attendance tracker, online fee payment and collection, etc. Most importantly, it acts as a liaison among all the stakeholders- parents, teachers, management, and principals, to keep them on the same page. Since this ERP is the enterprise version, it lets you customize the reports as per the requirements of the school. Besides, the school management software price is value for money providing schools with tremendous benefits with features like high speed, security, accuracy, and stability.

CampusSoft®: Every school is unique and has requirements of its own. This is the reason why Entab has created different versions of its acclaimed school management software, CampusCare® ERP. CampusSoft® is curated for those schools which aren’t looking for the overwhelming set of features provided by CampusCare® ERP. Unlike CampusCare®, CampusSoft comes as a standard and ready-to-use version proffering all the essential features and modules. The software allows parents to receive homework, circulars, and assignments, view report cards, and exam timetable. With CampusSoft®, teachers can view attendance, check student information, apply for leaves, among other activities. Whilst management can keep a track of class-wise data, principals can monitor every single activity happening in the school premises. Hence, a single software can manage a large number of operations. Talking about the school management software price of CampusSoft®, it depends on the strength of the school along with the prerequisites.

CampusKidz™: When it comes to pre-schools, the requirements are very different from that of a big or mid-level school, hence the school management software should be chosen likewise. A pre-school is usually smaller than other schools, and the students, being very young, need a different kind of guidance and supervision, hence the school administration software has to cater to those requirements. This is the reason why the school management software price of a pre-school will be different from that of the other schools. CampusKidz™ is specially designed to meet the needs of a pre-school and comes equipped with features such as child activity tracking, online fee payment, monitor statistics, etc. The school management software also acts as a great way to improve parent engagement and strengthen the communication channel between parents and teachers.

Now that you’re aware of the factors that affect the school management software price, we hope you’ll make a good selection.


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