Website Development For Schools

Loaded with state-of-the-art modules, Entab’s school software automates a variety of administrative tasks for schools, enhancing the school’s efficiency and goodwill.

Entab’s web development team integrates the school website with robust school software to help schools overcome day-to-day challenges. Website integration enables the school to get a fuller picture of what is going on within and beyond the premises in real time.

Other than real-time reporting, instant and seamless access to data, integrating the school website with our school software helps the school declutter the website as teachers, parents, principals and other stakeholders can access the information that is meant for them on their personal accounts.

We offer single sign-on (SSO) integration, i.e. the user needs only one set of login credentials (user id and password) to access their account on our School Software, School ERP Mobile Apps, and Communication Portals.

We capacitate schools to accept applications/requests from a wider audience and carry out online registration via their school websites, resulting in an easy and systematic admission process.

We also design full-scale websites for schools that do not have their official sites beforehand. We integrate them with our school management information system and school management mobile app.

The data integrated with Entab’s school software are backed by Microsoft Technologies and servers which can be automatically integrated with the student information system of the school, meaning they would not have to manage data in two places.

Our ironclad school software and school management mobile apps provide a safe and secure platform for parents, teachers, principals and administrators. We have advanced data security systems in place to keep private information safe.

Entab comes with the trust and experience of 20 years and is known as the best school software provider in India. More than 1,500 leading of schools of the country have chosen our school software for effectively bridging the communication gap between K-12 schools and parents.