School ERP Entab

Parent Portal- enables the Institution, inter alia, to maintain records and history of information that are passed on to students and parents over a period of time. It has the facility to login to various academic sessions for accessing the report cards of previous years which can be viewed at any point of time for reference. The fee certificates  and fee receipts for the previous sessions, syllabus, time table etc are easily accessible.

The parent portal similarly enables parents and guardians to have access to all information pertaining to their wards. They can remit online fee from their banks portal, print payment receipts, view the assignments, circulars, etc. In fact it's this welcome feature of our software that gained much popularity among the parents.

More information related to special features can be obtained during demonstration of the Software and Apps by our team members. The Software is already having 'Principal portal', 'Management portal', 'Staff portal' and  'Student portal' in addition to 'Parent portal',. The basic aim is to communicate with parents and simplify the process of learning in accordance with International Standards. Apps are immediate tools for instant information to everyone and to remain connected.

In fact the specially designed Apps are a golden treasure for parents to handle the education of their wards as efficiently as possible in the fast moving and competitive world. This in turn improve the overall results, discipline, performance and responsibility factors of every stake holders and the reputation of the school as well.  

"Having Multiple Fruit Bearing single tree at everyone's home garden by sowing a single seed  from world technologies feels amazing..." says Lawrence Zacharias, MD Entab.