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Top 10 Best School ERP Software in India

As the strength of a school increases, school ERP software becomes a necessity. A school management system or a school ERP is a software that is capable of managing and streamlining the day-to-day chores of administration with the power of automation. The school no longer needs pen and paper to perform the many tasks of administration. Whilst you are looking for a school administration software, here is a list of the top 10 school ERP software in India. Take a look.

Entab CampusCare®: India’s most preferred school management ERP software, Entab’s CampusCare® ERP is an artificially intelligent software that comes equipped with tremendous modules and outstanding features. Trusted by more than 1800+ schools in the country and evolved over the course of 21 years, CampusCare® ERP is a comprehensive school management software that manages everything, right from the attendance of thousands of students, to providing the facility of bus tracking, GPS and online fee management. Since the school ERP software is powered with cloud computing, CampusCare® ERP keeps school data completely safe and supports automatic recovery and backup. Stability, security, safety, accuracy, and high speed make CampusCare® ERP the best school ERP Software in the country.

HyperDrive HD School: If you’re looking for a low-cost school administration software, then this one could be a perfect choice. Designed by software development brand, HyperDrive solutions, HD School ERP is yet another popular school management software in the country. An easy-to-use school management system, HD school lets you perform the basic yet important functions such as library management, examination management, fee management, and more. While you can try this school ERP for free for a limited time period, the company does not issue partial or full refunds.

School Diary: With the aim of connecting teachers and parents, School Diary is a school management software that comes with features such as bus tracking, child safety, fee payments, and of course, communication. The software lets you access information anytime, anywhere in the form of multimedia content. This school ERP can run on any device, be it iOS or Android and help in keeping track of the daily activities of a school. Some of the notable features of this school administration software are one to one messaging, staff management, admission management, etc.

SchoolPRO: One of the most effective apps in creating a strong communication channel between parents and teachers, SchoolPRO is a school management software that boasts of an average open rate of 94%, when it comes to SMSs. Depending on the requirements of your school, you can select cloud or locally hosted SchoolPro school administration software. Other important features of this school ERP are attendance tracking, parent and teacher interviews, flags and alerts, etc. The company also provides comprehensive training in order to make the users well aware of the product’s overall features.

Paatham: A cost-effective school administration software, Paatham offers a flexible range of modules and features. Managing the operations of finance to performing academic tasks such as grade management, uploading report cards, and examinations are some of these. The school management system bridges the gap among stakeholders and builds a communication channel, keeping everyone on the same page. Other features that this school ERP provides are library management, transport management, student information management, HR and Payroll, etc.

ORATARO: Known as the smart education app, ORATARO comes with interesting features such as student groups, video and photo gallery, Happygram, etc. Speaking of Happygram, it is a special feature that allows the teachers to reward the students with the help of emoticons and comments. This helps in encouraging and motivating students. Another impressive feature is content sharing that allows students to view subject materials, digital books, and different lectures. The app also lets students download mock tests and prepare for examination at home. Hence, ORATARO is not just a school management software but a robust communication platform that helps in delivering quality education to the students.

SchoolMind: Designed for schools, coaching centers, and colleges, SchoolMind is basically a school management system that serves as the one-stop solution for the management of a wide array of operations, ranging from finance to inventory. This school ERP lets you access wireless biometric and generate reports for the effective functioning of an institute. Some other interesting features include human resource management, gate-pass management, hostel management, and grievance management.

mySkoolApp: This school management software caters to schools as well as colleges. Often called the futuristic SMART solution, mySkoolApp promises to provide updates of the real-time activities to the parents, staff, and students. The software runs on the desktop as well as mobile devices. Some awesome features of this school management system entail store management, public relations management, photo gallery, and hostel management. This school ERP also provides basic modules such as transport management, admission management, fee management, etc.

Jackprodigy: Another cost-effective school management system, Jackprodigy is a user-friendly software that comes with a number of modules and features. The company provides free installation and set-up. This school administration software is equipped with cloud computing and keeps your institute’s data absolutely safe and confidential. Other features to look for are parents’ login, leave management, resume builder, student management, etc. If you’re looking for a mini-school ERP, Jackprodigy is one of the perfect choices out there.

SchoolTonic: With the goal of providing paperless administration to schools, SchoolTonic is one of the leading school management software in the country. While the software lets parents access all the necessary details of their wards, it provides schools with important modules such as fee management, student admission, mark sheet and examination, teacher app, etc. This school management system connects all the stakeholders on a single platform, making communication more effective than ever.

Now that you are aware of the top 10 best school ERP software in India, we hope you’ll be able to find the perfect one for your institute.


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