Top 5 Features of CampusCare® School Mobile App

Entab is known for developing revolutionary EdTech solutions that help schools and educational institutes fulfil their goals. Thousands of schools across the nation have trusted CampusCare® School Mobile App. The remarkable features and outstanding benefits make CampusCare® School ERP the most preferred school ERP software in the country. The mobile app version of this school ERP software allows all the stakeholders to perform various administrative tasks on the go. While all stakeholders get connected on a single platform and communicate seamlessly, here are the top 5 features of the CampusCare® School Mobile App. Give it a read.


User-Friendly Interface

A school mobile app's objective is to make the tedious jobs of administration easier for the stakeholders. Hence, its interface should be user-friendly. After all, there's no point using an app that is too complex to operate. CampusCare® School Management App has an easy-to-understand interface that helps parents, teachers, principals, and school management to perform any task in no time. All it takes is a few seconds, and even the most demanding operations can be carried out without any setbacks.

Data Security and Backup

CampusCare® School Mobile App is cloud-based; hence, data is saved on the cloud and is highly secure. Cloud facilitation stores data on a centralized location, making it extremely safe. Data can be retrieved at any time, irrespective of time and location. Since data backup and recovery happens automatically, users don't have to worry about losing data. Other benefits of this feature are mobility, high speed, and reliability.


Better Communication

One of the most notable features of the CampusCare® School Mobile App is connecting all stakeholders on a single platform. Excellent communication is essential for the proper functioning of any organization. Hence, the school app comes with email and SMS integration to let users converse whenever they want to. Teachers and parents can communicate with each other and thus work towards improving the performance of the students. Teachers can share relevant notifications along with reminders to update students about upcoming events, last date of project and assignment submission, etc.


Flexibility and Information Accessibility

CampusCare® School Mobile App allows all the stakeholders to perform the many tasks of administration on the go. Users are no longer bound by the constraint of time and location to perform specific sets of functions. This school management software app limits access to sensitive content through the role-based access feature. On the other hand, general information is available to all intended users. All it takes is a single click to perform multiple operations.

Cost-Effective and Time Saving

CampusCare® School Mobile App lets schools go paperless. Therefore, there's no need to spend money on pen and paper. Moreover, it allows users to perform various administrative operations eliminating the requirement of a large workforce. When it comes to speed, the school management app lets users carry out different tasks at a very high speed. It only takes a few seconds to perform functions like fee payment, attendance tracking, sending notifications, etc.

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