Why Can't 'Students' Perform?

Pratima Banerjee

PGT, English, Krishna Public School, Raipur Chhattisgarh

Life is beautiful and full of astonishments. It is shocking as well as pleasing for all. One way it is uncertain too. No one knows what will happen the very next moment. But desiring for anything with passion is sure to achieve.

Sometimes it is painful why life is not the same for all. It perturbs me and hammers me frequently, and I burst out saying "why can't 'Students' perform like others?” In a class of 30-35 students, teachers share knowledge and teach all equally. Parents take care of them beyond every limitation. Every child pays more or less equal attention in the class. Then why can't few perform up to the rewarded standard?

They engage their heads and brain in everything delivered by the teacher. They put their best effort to stand equally with the excellent scorer of the class. They fail to score even the passing target. Who and What is responsible? Certainly 'they' are not, fully.   It's "we", the teachers and parents on a large extent. It should be our combined endeavour to build them to reach their Desired Destination. In a complex world, we must use an adaptive experimental approach to succeed. We cannot begin to predict whether our great idea will sink or swim until it is out there. 


"They" must be told to expose to a lot of different ideas and try lots of different approaches on the ground that..."Failure is Common". If they are genuinely self-aware and listening carefully after a release of their idea, they can't go wrong.  Being able to recognize a failure means that'll be able to recast it into something more likely to succeed.

Above all, it is essential for determining which experiments have proved right and which have failed. They must not be given the examples of one but of several. All failure is feedback--that means if they fail at something it is no proof that they cannot do it. It's just a rejection of their approach and methodology of attacking the subjects. If they take this concept and truly absorb it live up to it, they may overcome any obstacle in life. They must take action, no matter what happens. Why success starts with failures. This may be true, but they certainly don't act like it.

When their mistakes stare them in the face, they often find it so upsetting that miss out on the primary benefit of failing --the chance to get over their egos and come back with a stronger and smarter approach. It seems to be the toughest matter in the world to accept that we have failed and try to put it right. The reasons may be many that "Students" can't perform like others. Poor time management, work overload, anxiety about the task, poor concentration, negativity, insecurity about success etc. - the list is endless.

They cannot come out from this. They need the help and involvement of their parents and more form their teachers. They must be motivated to have a belief in their natural talent. They must be told anything less than 90% doesn't mean failure. Tell them not to make a target of 90%; if they think, then they are creating mountains of unnecessary stress for themselves. Provide them with an aim to do their best and make them consider none of us can be perfect all the time. This must be an extra effort of the teachers to find out their problems related to their course material and help them to resolve. Sometimes help from the better students or classmates may be proved fruitful. Provide them with an opportunity to rely on someone who will be supportive in many ways.


The burdens of routine studies, pressure from teachers and parents to secure good marks and above all examination phobia prevent them from taking a start. Let them know first why "Education is essential." Help them to set their eye on a goal, introduce them with their talents and possibilities to do anything that used to be impossible for them. Give the assurance and concrete belief that they also can do what others and all can.  Be sure it will be a BEGINNING for them to go beyond the HORIZON.

Vijayalaxmi Shashank Manerikar

Educationist Director, Global Vision International School