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Entab is the leader and advanced school management software in the name and trade mark of “CampusCare” in the country since 2000. The user-friendly software for school comes with login access for teachers, administrators, students, parents and management of the school. Entab provides most advanced web based School ERP software for easy and hassle free school management of accounting 3M’s (Men, Money and Material) and to establish smooth communication within the departments and to the parents.

Entab works only in a single vertical of School ERP, the founders’ vision was to emerge as the best player and today after 15 years of sincere efforts, we are the best service providers and most dependable solution providers in the country based on various surveys.

The CampusCare offers vary modules for different processes such as student record maintenance, Timetable, Attendance, Library, fee, examination, communication and other various tasks that are carried out in the school. In fact, CampusCare is proved to be an efficient online school automation software established its credibility across the country and its journey continues in overseas too.

There are occasions where by few schools are moved to other technologies and systems due to various marketing gimmicks used by smart marketers /over expectations shared from international vendors and today majority of those schools are returned to ‘CampusCare’ happily. Please see the video testimony for knowing us better. We understand that the ‘ERP software run is a journey and we accompany it’.

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