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Every day, more than 1,500 schools across India use Entab’s artificially intelligent school management software and mobile apps to streamline tedious administrative tasks and to keep parents posted about their ward’s progress. Evolved over 20 years, our award-winning school management software and mobile apps are equipped with the latest technology including machine learning and data analytics to meet the specific needs of our clients and enhance their reputation.

Entab CampusCare is considered as the most user friendly management software for school which helps in connecting parents, teachers, principals and management on a single platform. Entab's CampusCare provides next level app and cloud based solutions which helps you keep track of your daily school activities.

Learning Management Software

Entab presents CampusCare i-Learn, a state-of-the-art EdTech solution that can transform a regular classroom into an immersive learning environment. i-Learn is a tool that lets the teachers explain the toughest of abstract topics which cannot be done with the traditional methods of teaching or any digital classroom solution. The product consists of the following modules:

Following are the modules:

Pre-School Management Software

CampusKidz Mobile App is designed to work along with the school ERP software. We offer Mobile apps for Principals, Teachers, Parents and School Management.

Following are the Benefits:

  • Track Child Activity and Development
  • Improve Parent Engagement
  • Automate Management Information
  • Online Fee Payment
  • Simple to Use and Impressive to Parents and Staff

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