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Trusted by more than 1500 schools across the country, Entab’s artificially intelligent school management software and mobile apps help in streamlining the tedious administrative tasks and develop a powerful relationship between educators and parents for a child’s holistic development. Evolved over 21 years, our award-winning school ERP and School mobile apps are equipped with the latest technologies such as machine learning and data analytics, with the mission of digitally transforming your school and business with world class software, guidance and technology to earn and save your resources.

Entab CampusCare® is considered as the most user-friendly school ERP that helps in connecting teachers, principals, management, and parents on a single platform. Powered with cloud computing, CampusCare® helps academic institutions in keeping a track of daily school activities and hence fulfilling their goals and aspirations.

School ERP Software

Multiply your resources (Man, Money, Material and Time)

Entab school ERP is a comprehensive school management software that help schools manage all the administrative tasks in the most effective manner, connecting all the stakeholders, processes and departments in a single platform. Our School ERP is available in four versions: CampusCare®, CampusSoft™, CampusSoft® Lite, and CampusKidz™.

School Management Software

Multiply your efficiency. Reduce the attrition and increase the admission.

Connecting all stakeholders in one place, Entab school management software enables a seamless flow of data among the principals, management, teachers, and parents, keeping control of day-to-day administrative tasks of the schools. Bringing the stake holders to a single platform.

Entab school management software comes with the following modules

Principal Portal

Reach to parents, teachers, management.

Management Portal

Making schools much more efficient.

Teacher Portal

Designed to cater the needs of school.

Parent Portal

Centralises school-parent interaction.

Administrative Area

Knits all modules on the CampusCare.

Academic Area

provides admission, exam, fee system.

Communication Area

student-school-parent relationship.

Financial Area

Deal accounting, financial reporting.

Preschool Management Software

A systematic way is the true way, follow the data for great success.

Since the needs of a preschool are very different from that of a big school, Entab CampusKidz has been uniquely designed to cater to those requirements. Powered with cloud computing, our preschool ERP can be accessed from any part of the world.

Below are some of the interesting benefits of CampusKidz mobile app

Track Child Activity and Development

Improve Parent Engagement

Automate Management Information

Online Fee Payment

Simple to Use and Impressive to Parents and Staff

School Mobile Apps

A self-serve portal for your stakeholders.

Entab school management mobile apps are seamless, user-friendly, and robust with more than 4 lakh app installs and a 4.3-star rating. The apps are designed to enhance student performance, promote parent-school collaboration, and encourage personalised learning.

Following are the modules: